Bottles Real Estate Auctions specializes in high-value real estate consulting, evaluations, and auctions. We work with landowners, government agencies, banks and financial institutions, investors, corporations, and private equity groups across the northwest and beyond. While auctions are our specialty, we also handle traditional listings and call-for-offer transactions.

You Set The Date.

As a seller you have the advantage of setting the auction and closing dates.


You Set The Terms.

You are not subject to buyer imposed terms that can delay transactions.


Incentivized Buyers.

The auction winner is required to make a non-refundable deposit, motivating them to close.


No Contengencies.

The buyer’s closing is not contingent on an inspection or  other financial contingencies.


Buyer Pays Fees.

Seller may use a Buyer’s Premium to cover real estate commission and auction costs.



Live auctions create a sense of urgency which makes for a competitive bidding environment.

Why Sell at an Auction?

Six reasons to auction your high-value real estate asset with Bottles Real Estate Auctions.

Auction Strategies.

There isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” strategy when it comes to successfully auctioning a real estate assets. Trust the Bottles Real Estate Auctions experts’ tried and true strategies, tailored specifically for each client. 

Minimum Bid,
No Published Reserve.

  • The minimum bid and/or reserve is not published.
  • Seller reserves the right to accept or reject the highest bid within a specific time.
  • Seller is not obligated to confirm a sale other than at a price that is acceptable to them.

Minimum Bid,
Published Reserve.

  • The seller’s lowest acceptable price is published.
  • Buyers must bid at, or above the listed minimum bid.
  • Once the reserve is reached, the property will sell to the highest bidder.
  • Reduced seller risk as property will not sell unless reserve is met.

Absolute Auction

  • No reserve or minimum bid.
  • Sold to the highest bidder regardless of price.
  • The sale is guaranteed which increases buyer excitement and participation.
  • Attracts the highest amount of interest. 

Our Unique Approach.


We will evaluate your asset to determine the best way to get the most value for your property.


Whether it’s a traditional listing, call for offers, or a live auction, we will determine the best method for listing your asset.


We implement an individualized marketing plan specifically for your asset to attract the greatest number of qualified buyers.


From consultation to final sale, our experienced team will ensure you sell for the highest possible price, in the least amount of time.

What We Sell.

We implement an individualized marketing plan, specifically for your asset, to attract the greatest number of qualified potential buyers.



Bank Owned & Foreclosed

Farm & Ranch



Real Estate Experts.

We pride ourselves on being real estate auction experts. Our 30 years of industry experience has made us experts in all areas of real estate, including traditional listings, call-for-offers, and auctions. 

If you have a high-value real estate asset you’d like to sell, contact Bottles Real Estate Auctions today and let our experts guide you through the process, determine a listing method, and get you the most value for your property. 

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